i was going to try to justify this in the captions but there’s really no way to do that. my only excuse is that it is far too late and i am far too unsupervised to be using the internet in any productive manner

(i keep getting the feeling that someones done this exact thing already especially irt to the last one but for now im just gonna assume im meaninglessly second guessing myself)

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I met a nice cat on the way home

He’s trying to remember your scent so when the feline uprising happens he’ll know to spare you for your intimate kindness

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im sick of the lies

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"When I finish with you, you can take solace in knowing your friends and kin will soon follow, as I wipe all who oppose me from the face of this world."

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"Let men be men": Fox hosts eagerly agreed with the NY Post article that claimed “catcalls are flattering.” 

A few more gems from this segment

  • "They mean it in a nice way."
  • "It’s nice to get compliments."
  • "As long as you don’t come within arms length, it’s fine."

But for many women, catcalls are humiliating and degrading. Some blame themselves, wondering what they could have done differently to prevent it. And the consequences can considerably affect a person’s social behavior and habits, as women report they avoid eye contact and walking alone in public, or change their outfits or routes to avoid harassment.”  

In reality, this is no small problem. According to Stop Street Harassment, “at least 65% of women have experienced catcalls, leers, and unwanted sexual propositions,” disproportionately affecting those with low incomes, women of color, and the LGBTQ community. And while there are federal laws protecting women from workplace harassment, street harassment is addressed on a state-by-state basis.

Let’s bring some voices of reason into this discussion:

Natalie DiBlasio, USA TODAY:

Catcalling does not mean you are beautiful, smart, strong or interesting. Catcalling means a stranger values you so little he doesn’t care if he makes you feel uncomfortable or threatened.

Margaret Eby, Brooklyn Magazine:

Catcalling is about control, not about your cute shorts. It’s an assertion that women are just visitors in a male space, there to be assessed by appearance and summarily dismissed or flirted with.

Ashley Ross, TIME:

To legitimize catcalling is to give voice to those who don’t deserve it: the man who told me he wanted to perform oral sex on me, the man who said he wanted it the other way around and the man who said he could have me if he wanted me.

The dehumanizing culture of catcalling must stop, but conservative media outlets like Fox aren’t helping. It’s up to us all to educate ourselves about the harms of harassment, so that women can truly be free in the streets of America.

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im gonna take ur blue eyes white dragon and ram it down ur asshole have fun in the shadow realm shitdick

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I love this fucking band forever.

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Our bassist decided to play our entire set yesterday dressed as Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers!

Photo courtesy of Kevin Herrera

Jeremy is so cute

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"I’m going to make you an orphan"